Poker Site Reviews

Poker site reviews

Before you start reading the reviews we’d like to explain how runs with clarity and impartial advice.

As you will have learnt in our Academy you do not play against the online poker site but against the other players at the table.

The online poker site (casino) makes its money from the rake. A small amount taken from each pot won. So for example if you won a pot of $100 the poker site may take $1 leaving you with $99.

We are a free site because we get paid for sending players to poker sites who then sign up and play for money!

Signing up via our links costs you no more money than going directly to the online poker site and there is no disadvantage to you. In fact the contrary is true you have a lot to gain.

Signing up via us gives you the following advantages:


  • Sign-up bonuses* which you would not get by going directly to the online poker site.
  • Continued Free Access to our site.
  • Money generated is reinvested to develop and improve this site, which will in turn help improve your skills as you come back for further lessons.


* Sign-up bonuses can come in various forms but generally follow this formula: Let’s say you sign-up to an online poker site and you deposit $100. With a sign-up bonus some sites will match your $100 with another $100. So in your account you will have an extra $100. The bonus $100 will be added to your account after you have played x number of hands.

Unlike other poker reviews we have spilt up the bonuses from our review section. We have ranked the sites in order of best offers on the following page: poker bonuses.

Here we have ranked poker sites into the following categories to help you decide where you want to play:


  • Graphics,Feel and Ease of the Site
  • Speed of the game.
  • Level of other players on the site. (This is very important if your relatively inexperienced and want to make money. You basically want to go to the sites where players play badly).
  • Brief general description.
  • US Friendly (Some poker rooms do not allow players from the USA to play real money games).



RoomUSA Players  
This is our favorite poker room for beginners. This is because it’s one of the largest, best run and great support. As a new play you’ll find plenty of other new players to play against. Unfortunately players from the USA can’t play here, but as Americans are generally skilled players this is great for everyone else.
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Empire Poker 
Coming soon
Full Tilt
USA Friendly
Coming soon
Poker Stars
USA Friendly
 Coming soon
VC Poker  

Coming soon

Paradise Poker  Coming soon
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