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The poker course has been designed for step to step use. We have a simple to use and traditional menu on the left and a navigation system on the top right:

This example shot tells you that you are in Level 1, Lesson 1 and on page 4. You can use your mouse to go to whichever page you desire within a level using this tool by pressing over the boxes.

Also at the bottom of each page you have the option to go to the next page in a lesson.

You will find words that are underlined will take you to their definition in our poker dictionary when pressed. You only need to press your browser’s back button to return to where you where. Links to other pages of interest can found throughout the poker course and are as you’ve probably seen are in orange.

  • Our Poker Course

Our poker course is designed to be straight forward. We have spent time and effort to develope graphics and animated poker tutorials to make it easier for you to understand the rules of poker. It is normal that some students will need to go back and repeat some of the lessons. As you advance we provide you with a framework on which to build on. Once you have an understanding of the rules you will have to practise and at first this will be with play money.

Practise is very important but unfortunately play money will lead you bad habits!

So the next step after you feel comfortable with playing poker online is to play with real money. We will guide you how to start to play poker with real money in our poker course. Other poker academies just teach you the rules and lead you to sign up to a poker site, but is here with you all the way.

Some students without pacients will stop studying after they know the basics and have played a little. However those students who wish to make money will continue to learn and develop at the academy. By the time you have finished the course and have had the necessay practice you will be at an advantage to the majority of poker players you will play against.

Once you know the basics you will learn about strategy and long term winning techniques. You’ll find that 60 to 80% of your time will not be dedicated sitting and playing poker but, looking for the best tables to play at, keeping notes on other players and yourself, managing your money and your mood.

  • Where to start

If your new to poker and want to learn how to play poker from the ground up then press the following link: poker basics.

The most popular version of poker played online is Texas Hold’em. This is the version of poker we are going to concentrate on. If you already know how to play another form of poker or are a bit rusty then you can jump ahead and start using the tutorial located at How to play Texas hold’em.

If you already have a knowledge of Hold’em and poker but what to improve your poker play look through the below links to all the lessons in our poker course and start where you feel comfortable.

Enjoy learning poker,

the Team

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