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This is a new section dedicated to products, gadgets and “stuff”! Our featured gadget of the month is a money saving gadget that a lot of online poker players will want.

Wireless Poker Controller for online poker.

This is a wireless controller designed especially for online poker players. The poker remote control comes with tons of useful features which are useful to new poker players and some advanced features which seasoned players are going to love.

There are a number of benefits to using the poker controller to the traditional keyboard and mouse. The two main advantages, we think, online poker players will appreciate are:

  • The reduction of making miss clicks or mistakes, this over the long run should give you a return on your investment.
  • Possibly the most important is the comfort the poker controller can bring you. You can sit back and play some serious poker tournaments without having to be hunched up over your keyboard and clicking away with your mouse.

The wireless poker controller comes with all the software you need to play at many top poker rooms (see list below) and as a poker controller owner you will receive frequent updates with new poker rooms as they become available.

Now lets look at the wireless poker controller in more detail.

The Controller’s Buttons and Special Features
Poker Controller's Bet, Check/Call and Fold Buttons
Bet, Check/Call or Fold
The four actions, poker players are going to use most, are given prominence with their own buttons on the right-hand side of the poker controller unit. This allows for quick action time, which in turn allows you more time to think!
Pre-defined Bet Levels
Five buttons with pre determined bet increments – x2, x3, x5, Pot and All-in. These also allow you to make bets with the raise wheel (see next feature), so for example you can bet x2 (twice the amount) and then use the raise wheel to finely adjust your bet to exactly the amount you wish. This can be done very quickly and is a great feature of the controller.
Poker Controller's raise wheel
Raise Wheel call this “The Raise-O-Meter” (Trade Mark) and allows you to raise your bets with precision control and when used with the pre-defined bet level buttons allows you to the reach the amount you want to bet very quickly and accurately.
Anti TILT Lock-out feature
This isn’t a great feature of the controller, it’s a FANTASTIC FEATURE!!! This button alone will save you money by preventing you from playing after a bad beat, giving you time to calm down a compose yourself. All you have to do is press the Tilt button and you are blocked from the game for a time preset by you in the software options.
poker Controller's table switch paddle
Multi-Table Switches
Two well placed buttons on either side of the Poker Controller unit which allow you to change table with the minimum of fuss. This is a good feature for those poker player who like to play on multiple tables.
Poker controller's shortcut buttonsPower ON/OFF, Menus & Table Play Shortcuts
Some shortcut buttons on the control unit, which again save you precious time. You’ll find shortcut buttons such as Auto Post Blind, Wait for Big Blind, Sit Out/In, Lobby and Enter.
Learn more about The Wireless Poker Control

Here is a list of poker rooms which are compatible with the Poker Controller and remember more will follow:

Party Poker, FullTilt Poker, Pokerstars, Pacific Poker, Ultimate Bet Poker, Everest Poker, Ladbrokes Poker, Paradise Poker & Titan Poker.


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