Online Poker Dealing is it Fair?

Online Poker Dealing is it Fair?

Many people have doubts about the fairness of online dealing. Online poker sites need to protect their image and go to tremendous lengths to ensure security and fair play. Let’s have a look at how the cards are shuffled before each deal.

The following is typical of how a top online poker site explains how they shuffle the cards:

“Each game, the deck is shuffled 10 times with each shuffle moving each card between one and fifty-one times throughout the deck. There is no bias to any card, any card patterns or seats at the table. No deck of cards in any brick and mortar cardroom is ever shuffled as well and as thoroughly as we shuffle our cards.”

How is the deck shuffled?

Poker sites use powerful Random Number Generators (RNGs)

RNGs make sure all players have the same chance of winning. A good RNG generates numbers that are:

  • Unpredictable and totally random.
  • Evenly distributed and not related to each other in any way.

The algorithms (a set of program instructions) used by the RNGs are tested and certified by independent test labs for gaming systems such asĀ iTech labs.

Online poker sites use RNGs to shuffle the decks and generate the cards.

The end result is that ever poker player at an online site has the same chance of being dealt whatever combination of cards and winning.

Despite the lengths poker site go to, you will still find poker chat rooms and blogs with players complaining about the programs that do the shuffling. Usually these players accuse the program as being ‘bugged’ or ‘fixed’.

There were cases in the early days of online poker where the algorithms were being cracked in order for cheats to know where the cards lay in the deck and therefore tell where and when the would be dealt. This was sorted out very early on in the history of online poker. Today poker sites are aware of their public image and the need to keep their shuffles clean.

Poker sites know that there is more money to be made by running an honest and trusted site than the opposite.

So put your worries aside and enjoy online poker!

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