How Free Poker Bankrolls Work.

How Free Poker Bankrolls Work.

  • Understanding how poker sites make money.

Poker sites make their money from rakes which are basically small amounts of money deducted from the pot won at the end of each hand and is hardly noticeably to the players at the table. The rake may be only a cent per hand but this mounts up when millions hands are being played daily.

The rake is how the poker site makes money and is luckily why playing poker can be profitable to individual players. Unlike other casino games where you play the casino (the casino always wins in the long run), you are playing other poker players.

  • Understanding where the free $50 comes from.

Poker sites need players to play at their tables, and to grow and make more profits they need to attract more players. They can market their site and some of the larger sites have adverts on the television.

Another method is to pay affiliate sites to bring players to their poker site. Lets say to refer a player, who signs up, the affiliate site receives $100 (this figure can vary). This money is only released after the player has played a number of raked hands. However, as you can see the affiliate site has a budget of $100. By giving the player $50 to start off with the affiliate site will hopefully get back $100 and therefore make a $50 profit.

If a player doesn’t play the number of raked hands and doesn’t deposit any more money, the affiliate site will lose their investment on that player. To overcome this many affiliate sites will only fund players who take their free poker course and pass their test. By increasing the players level they reduce the numbers of players who don’t play enough raked hands for them to recuperate their investment and make a profit. This poker training is beneficial to the poker play too as they are more likely to make a profit on their free $50.

  • What’s to stop a player signing up and then taking the $50.

Firstly, I think it would be a little cheeky to do this and luckily for affiliate sites it’s not possible. As a player with a free bankroll of $50 you’ll need to play a required number of raked hands before you can withdraw that $50. However, if you make a profit and you increase your bankroll from $50 to $75 there is nothing stopping you from taking out $25.

  • What’s the catch.

Absolutely nothing.

You get great free poker training and $50 to start playing with.

The affiliate site takes the largest risk but on average makes a profit on players it invests in.

The poker site gets a new player who it gains money from with raked hands, as long as you win and continue playing with them.

We’ve teamed up with Poker and can offer you $50 dollars to play with for free! What’s even better you don’t need to give any credit card details. This is a great offer for new players who want to try poker but don’t want to spend any money until they’re sure.

The only catch is you have to follow Poker Stragey’s free course and pass their test. That’s not much to ask as they’ll be funding you!

Taking the free course and test will not only give you $50 dollars to start playing with for free, but will also train you to play poker well and get you off to a perfect start.

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