Poker and alcohol don’t mix! Use this to your advantage.

Poker and alcohol don’t mix! Use this to your advantage.

In brief a good time to play online poker is when you have an advantage over the other players at the table.

Playing winning poker is playing when you have an advantage!

One of my personal rules is not to drink and play poker. I enjoy poker but I play to win and make some extra money.

Would you go to work or drive your car after drinking a couple of pints of beer. I imagine your reply is no. So if you are serious about playing online poker to make money DON’T DRINK. I’m not a puritan I enjoy my beer and a good whisky but even a bottle of beer will have an effect on your game play.

I once did some trials into the effect of various quantities of beer and quality of play. As the amount of alcohol increased in my system I started to make poor decisions and miss seeing possible hands my opponents could have. Oh and frequent trips to the bathroom increasing the possibility to miss something big such as being dealt a pair of Aces.

However wouldn’t it be great to play against players who where merry, happy or even drunk?

So here’s my tip.

Let’s suppose you live in the UK. A Friday night at about 11:30 onwards there should be quite a few players logging on to play after a night in the pub/bar. So this is a good time to play on a poker site which is popular with British and not let’s forget Irish players. With a little bit of patience and time spent observing tables you’ll soon see where the drunk players are.

Poker is about using all the advantages you can get. This tip will not improve your poker play but it does give you advice on how to play poker with an advantage, which will help you to play winning poker.

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