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WellShuffled.com is a free online academy and resource site. We have tutorials and articles, for players of all levels, on how to play poker.

Our main goal, for the players who come through our academy, is they learn how to play poker to win! And that mean’s they make money.

We have a great step by step learn how to play poker tutorial, where you go back and forth at your own pace.

The tutorial has been designed especially for new players and all you need to do before using it is learn of few terms and hand rankings which you will find at the beginning of our free poker course.

Here are some of the themes you’ll find and learn in our poker academy:

  • How to Play Poker step by step.

    Learn poker with our step by step guide and our interactive how to play poker tutorial. You will learn the most popular variation of poker on the internet “Texas Hold’em”. If you’ve watched poker on the TV this is the version you’ll have seen. The rules of poker are simple and you should be able to play in next to no time. However there is a lot more to poker than just learning the rules. Our poker tutorial teaches you the basics of poker in an easy visual way.

  • Learn Poker Rules.

    We can teach you the basics of poker. Here you’ll learn common terms and rules for all versions of poker. We have included hand ranking and the odds that these hands occur. This will help you learn and understand the strength of the possible hands in poker.

  • Learn Hot Poker Tips.

    Throughout the academy we will give you hot tips which will help you play better.

  • Learn Poker Tactics & Strategy.

    You’ll learn how to change your playing style depending on the table you are at and how to play in the different stages of a tournament. You will also learn about long term strategy to increase your profit.

  • Learn Winning Techniques

    Here you learn about different playing styles and important practices you should be keeping, such as note taking and monitoring your own play.

  • Hand and Play Analysis

    We have a number of lessons which teach you how to play your hole cards, and we’ll take you right through to the showdown. You’ll learn when to fold, when to call, when to raise. You’ll gain an insight into how to play your cards and this will help you to stop playing so many losing hands (a common mistake with beginners) and so in the long term increase profits.

  • Learn How to Managing your Money.

    A very important section dealing with how you should manage your money. Sometimes this area is forgotten by online academies but we feel it is a very important theme for anyone who wants to learn to play Texas Hold’em and make a living from it.

  • Learn to Manage your Mood.

    A section dedicated to your personal psychology. When should you play and when you shouldn’t. This you’ll see is quite straight forward and just takes a little bit of self awareness and self control. You will learn how to win playing Texas Hold’em and more importantly learn how not to loose and increase gains.

  • Learn About Bluffing and Online tells.

    Believe it or not there are plenty of online tells to look out for even though you can’t see the other players. You also learn how to better judge your opponents and have an educated guess as to whether they are bluffing. You will also learn how to bluff online, when to do it and how often to do it.

  • Learn How Free Bankrolls Work.

    Learn how taking a free poker course and test will not only allow you to start playing with $50 dollars for free but will train you to play poker well and get you off to a good start.

So if you’ve decided to learn to play poker for a bit of fun this is your first stop and point of reference. If you’ve been playing for sometime and feel you could improve and learn that extra to give you an advantage, this site is for you.

Our principle aim isn’t you learn how to play poker but you learn how to play winning poker.

Our site has been designed with learning in mind. Hence you’ll have already noticed the use of neutral colors which are easy on the eye. The design also allows you to focus, to learn and to improve your poker play skills with maximum efficiency.

Latest Additions and Changes to WellShuffled .com
DatePage Link and Description
New 07/09/12An article on how free bankrolls work: Learn How Free Bankrolls Work.
New 12/09/12An article on online poker dealing: Online Poker Dealing.
New 06/10/12Poker Dictionary page on in depth definition added: Drawing Hand
Updated 01/10/11An article on online poker tells added: Online Poker Tells
Updated 04/10/12Poker Dictionary page on slang terms added: Big Slick
Updated 05/10/12Poker Dictionary page on slang terms added: Slang terms for a Pair of Aces
Updated 10/10/12Poker Dictionary new in depth definition added: Action and Actions
Changed 10/10/12Poker Dictionary modified.

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So if your ready come and sit down at our hold’em table and start to learn how to play poker:

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